Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tex's Eye Emergency

As some of you know, Tex woke up Tuesday Jan 18th with a really red right eye and it was really itchy.  He thought it was just allergies or the beginnings of a sinus infection.  All week, he would put hot compresses on it and would put Visine in it.  It progressively got worse but he did not think he needed to go to the eye doctor.  We were out of town the whole week and he didn't want to find a doctor so we just kept going.  On Monday Jan 25th, he got up to go to work and his eye was so painful he could hardly open it.  His vision was blurry and even the right side of his face was red, swollen and was hot to the touch.

He went to work and saw the medical doctor who immediately made him see the eye doctor.  He is lucky that the military doctors are just one floor up in his building where he works.  Once the eye doctor saw his eye, she immediately called a civilian specialist and got him an appointment for the same day. 

The civilian specialist said that he has an infection in the iris part of the eye, that the cells in his eye are extremely swollen and that he is very, very close to losing his vision and that his eye could even explode due to the massive swelling and pressure that has built up. The pressure is so high and there is so much swelling in the cells in his eye and that is why the right side of his face is swollen, red and hot.  It is very severe!

The doctor gave him one eye drop medicine that he has to put in his eye every hour.   We have to do this around the clock for the next 10 days!!!!  He also prescribed another eye drop but we could never find a pharmacy that carried it.  I called the doctor back and they called in a different eye drop that is somewhat similar to the first one.  We couldn’t find that one anywhere either.  I called the doctor back again and they finally said not to worry about it.  They said that the doctor will put a stronger version in his eye the next day, which was Tuesday.

So Tex is off work until further notice.  He will be off all this week and next week will be determined depending on how his eye is on Friday.  He has drops that he has to put in every hour and I have to drive him back to the eye doctor every day for a check on it.  The pharmacy special ordered the second eye drop so he now has two.  One every hour and one 3 times a day.  At this point, nothing has changed.  He has very little vision in his right eye and it is super painful and red.    Light still hurts so he keeps a patch over his eye.  Thankfully the swelling on his face as gone away.

I am never letting me talk him out of going to the doctor again!  I really felt like he needed to get seen last week but he didn’t want to go through the trouble since we were out of town.  I hope everyone can learn something from this horrible situation.  Please do not hesitate to see the doctor if something isn’t right.  It is not worth getting sicker and potentially having life long repercussions from it. 

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