Sunday, October 11, 2015


Hi guys!

What a crazy week I have had!

I spent the week taking care of Caleb and we had some great bonding time together.  I haven’t seen him seen him since last December when he was just 6 months old.  Poor Papa hasn’t seen Caleb since he was 1 month old and moved from Seattle to OKC.  I got to come back for Christmas last year but Papa didn’t get to come.  Same with this trip, BUT, we both get to fly to OKC in December for the birth of Kegan and to see Caleb.

Caleb and I had fun watching Daniel Tiger, over and over, and playing with balls and cars.  Caleb loves anything with wheels and will play with cars for hours.  He seems so young to be so fascinated with cars and plays with him like he is 2 or 3.

This past week, I stayed with Megan and Aaron and slept on a twin bed in Caleb’s room.  I quickly found out that Caleb is a loud and wild sleeper.  He sleeps pretty quiet and calm for the first half of the night but the last half he cries out in his sleep and moves all over the crib.

I don’t sleep well normally and with Caleb sleeping so wild, I hardly slept at all this week.  A few mornings Caleb woke up really early and never went back to sleep.  Some days he took a long nap and other days he barely slept 45 minutes. 

So, Friday afternoon, I moved over to our house and will be staying here for the next two weeks.  (Our youngest daughter Amanda, and her husband James, live in our house and take care of it since we started living in our RV full time.)  I slept like a rock the first night.  No dogs taking up my bed and no baby crying! 

Saturday, I went with Amanda to Wal-Mart and then went to dinner with our great friends that live across the street from our house.  Afterwards, I helped James mow our yard and then I cleaned out the front flower-beds.

Our handy riding lawn mower

View of total property.  We also bought extra lot and had
secondary driveway installed so we could put RV in side lot.
If you look closely, you can see the pergola that is on our lot as well.
Total 1/2 acre
Close up view of house
Boy, I don’t miss mowing and yard work!  I had almost forgot what it is like always having a “to-do” list of household chores requiring our attention.  This was a great reminder!  I love living in our RV full time and not being tied down to a house and all that entails.   Tex and I can roll up our mat and hit the road at a moments notice and not have to worry about anything.  If and when Amanda and James want to move out of our house, we will probably put it up for sale since we don’t plan on coming back anytime soon.

Meanwhile, while I am in OKC, Tex is back in Seattle working and taking care of the pups.  He is working short days so he can be home to take them for potty breaks and walks.

Tex also was home to meet with Auburn Kent Valley RV Center when they came out with their mobile service last week.  They fixed all of our issues and successfully re-wired the dash shades so they now work without having to start the RV engine.  Yea! 

So, all in all, Tex and I had a very productive week last week.  This week should be a little quieter for both of us.  Megan and Amanda only have to work a few days this week due to Fall Break.  I will be visiting with Caleb off and on throughout the week.  We plan to go to the Zoo either Thursday or Friday.  Amanda and I plan to shop for baby and breastfeeding supplies/clothing for her later this week or next week.  Then, on Saturday the 17th is Amanda’s baby shower!  So excited! 

Until next time!

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