Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Change in Plans....

Hi guys!

Well, it has been an interesting few weeks.  I originally began composing a post on Sept 29th after we got back from Woodland, WA about getting our new RV shades installed.  It was a crazy busy week and I never got the post finished.  (I will post that info in the next day or so.)

Then, on Friday, Oct 2nd, our oldest daughter, Megan, called to state that they had a crisis come up.  They had paid to have one of her husband’s, Aaron, family member fly from the North Slope in Alaska to OKC to live with them and be a nanny for Caleb while Aaron is at school.  This was to be for 8 months. 

Well, she lasted all of 6 days.  She was too homesick for her boyfriend and told them Friday morning that she was leaving Saturday morning.  (There is a HUGE LONG story about this issue but suffice it to say that she burned one too many bridges, was extremely rude and horribly ungrateful.  It was a great reminder for Megan and Aaron about how life is on the North Slope and why they left in the first place.  They will never go back to live there or visit again.  Not because of this issue alone but because village life is not a good environment to raise a family.  They want to move back to Alaska in the next couple of years but plan to live in a larger city on the road system.)

So this meant that they had no one to care for Caleb starting Monday, Oct 5th.  Megan asked if I could fly to OKC to take care of him.  What no one knew though, was that I already had a ticket to fly to OKC on Oct 16th.  I was coming in to surprise Megan and Amanda at Amanda’s baby shower on Oct 17th.  I was planning to stay a week. 

So on Friday afternoon, I called Alaska Airlines and they waived the change fee and so I changed my ticket to fly out on Sunday, Oct 4th.  I had one day to change several appointments that I had scheduled and to pack and get ready.  Since Amanda’s baby shower is on the 17th and she is on Fall Break the following week, I just kept my return date the same so I will be in OKC for 3 weeks!

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for Tex.  He took all of this in stride, encouraged me to go when I was unsure if I should be gone so long and then helped me get ready.  He has to work short days in order to be home to take care of the dogs each day and told me not to worry about anything.  He also had to take off work one day in order to meet with the mobile service of Auburn Kent Valley RV Center because we have several minor repairs that needed to be done and this has been scheduled for several weeks.

Not many husbands would be willing to deal with all this craziness and change their work schedule at the drop of a hat.  God truly blessed me when he brought us together.  Next July we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

So, there you have it!  I am in OKC until Oct 23rd.  I am having a great time taking care of Caleb.  Just wish Papa Tex could have come too.  We both have tickets to fly to OKC in December for the birth of Amanda’s first child.  She and James are having a boy that they have named Kegan Emit Harrison.  We can’t wait to meet him!! So at least Tex will be able to see Caleb then and Kegan too!

As I said earlier, I have a post started about our new RV shades and how that week went so I will be posting that soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful October!  Get out and enjoy the Fall weather!

Until next time!

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