Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekly Update - Caleb and the Seahawks!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! 

For once, we finally had a quiet week.  No major happenings going on with us or the RV!  Wahoo!  Feels good for a change.

Fall is beginning to settle in here in Seattle.  The leaves are beginning to change and the air is cool at night.  Even on our warm days, the highs are only in the mid 80’s.  This upcoming week, we are expecting highs in the 60’s and increasing chances of rain.

We don’t mind the rain though!  We actually quite like it!  Yes, it means we have lots of wet fur baby feet to dry off every time we come in the door but other than that, we like the cool, wet weather.

The RV Park here is still very busy!  There are only a handful of RV parks near Seattle and only a few that are on the east side and an easy commute to Seattle to sight see so this park really doesn’t have a slow season.  Our summers book up 6 months in advance.  The winter season it is a little easier to get a smaller site but if you have a big RV, then you can never really take a chance without advance reservation.  During the summer, we were turning away over 1,000 people a week!!!  So if you ever want to come visit Seattle, please make advance reservations.  Trust me!!

Our little grandson Caleb is growing like a weed!  I haven’t seen him since last Christmas and Tex hasn’t seen him since he left Seattle over a year ago.  Caleb is now 14 ½ months old and a little stinker!  We will both get to see him when we fly to OKC in December for the birth of our youngest daughter’s first baby, a boy too!  We can’t wait!!

Here are a few of his 1 year old pictures.  A family friend that I have known for over 30 years took these.  Cindy Volpe with Memories and More Photography LLC located in Edmond, Oklahoma is amazing!  She also did our youngest daughter’s wedding and those pictures were fabulous as well.  If you are in the OKC area and need pics, I highly recommend Cindy!

A few days ago, they took Caleb to the OKC Zoo.   Caleb loves the zoo.  They have an annual pass so they go there quite often.

We FaceTime with Caleb several times a week and he loves talking on the phone and showing off for Nana and Papa.  It really helps to shorten the distance and stay a part of his life, even if we can’t be there.

So today is the start of the NFL Season!  Seattle loves their Seahawks and they are crazy about them all year long. But, boy, when the season starts, it gets to a frenzy level!   Everyone will be glued to the TV today to watch all the games. 

That is about it for us today. 


Until next time!

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