Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rain and Wax

Howdy folks! 

Another day in Paradise!  We absolutely LOVE the PNW!  The weather here is absolutely amazing!

I don’t want to give away our little secret but it doesn’t rain that much in Seattle. It really does have a bad reputation in regards to the weather.  It actually rains more in NY and Boston than in Seattle.  I have no idea why people think rain and Seattle are synonymous. 

The rainy season is from October/November to April/May, depending on the year.  However, even during those months, it doesn’t rain all the time or even every day.  Yes, we do have days where it rains all day, but that is not every day.  Some days it will rain for a few hours and then it stops.  Some days it rains off and on throughout the day but most days we experience this wonderful mist that falls silently from the sky.  This mist is super fine, almost like a super small snowflake and it just floats from the sky. 

I love days when we have mist in the air.  It is so quiet and peaceful.  And I will take misty or rainy days over the harsh winters and hot summers elsewhere.  We were so tired of snow and ice and equally as tired of the hot summers of the South.  In Seattle, we have the best of both worlds.  We don’t have super cold winters with snow or ice and we don’t have super hot and humid summers.  This is why we love the PNW!

Now, onto this past week and our shenanigans……

Yesterday, Tex and I washed and waxed the RV.  Last year we paid someone to do it but we decided to do it ourselves this year.  It is so expensive in Seattle to have someone do it and since we need to have it done every year, we just decided to invest in a small buffer and do it ourselves from now on.  Even with buying the buffer, we still saved over $400.  And we didn’t save any time because we would have had to be home to supervise the job anyway so we just decided to put a little elbow grease in it and do it ourselves.  At least this way, we know it was done right.

Since we have never waxed the RV before (other than a wash and wax all in one), we weren’t sure what buffer or wax to use. 

Tex did quite a bit of research on different buffers.  There were some expensive ones he really liked but we couldn’t justify the crazy expense for something we would use once a year.  He finally settled on the Ryobi 18 Volt OnePlus Buffer because this buffer uses the same battery charger as his other power tools and we already had two extra batteries. 

Next, we needed to decide on what type of wax to use.  The guy who waxed the RV last year used a marine grade wax so we started doing some research.  We decided to use Meguiar’s  Premium Marine Wax.  It gets amazing reviews online as well as from fellow RVers.

We ended up loving both the buffer and the wax we chose.  The buffer was super easy to use and it was nice to be able to switch out the batteries when we needed to.  The wax went on smooth and gave a good, even coat.  It was also very easy to remove with a hand cloth.

The RV is now super shiny and the rain just beads up and falls off.  Perfect!

We highly recommend both the Ryobi 18 volt One Plus Buffer and Meguiar’s Premium Marine Wax.  You won’t be disappointed. 

One final note, we do not get anything from either company for recommending their products.  We are just happy customers and wanted to share what worked for us. 

Not sure what this week holds in store for us!  Guess we will find out!

Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day Weekend!

Love to all!

Until next time!

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