Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back in Woodland, WA

Hi everyone!

We are back in Woodland, Washington this week!  We came here because we have an appointment on Thursday and Friday to have the new AutoMotion Shades installed in the RV that we ordered last month!

We are so excited to get the new shades!  We are like kids in a candy store.  Silly how something that seems so minor can make such a difference in quality of life.  I can’t wait!  It will be so nice to be able to just lift slightly and have the shades extend or retract instead of fighting with the accordion blinds that we have now.  Not to mention that it will be really nice to actually have a dark room to sleep in.  When the sun rises, the light really shines through the accordion blinds even though we have the day/night ones.  Also, at some RV parks, such as the one where we are at now, the street lights are so bright it is like daylight shining in the window.  These new shades will make it pitch black in the room – a true luxury! 

When we are in Woodland, we always stay at Columbia Riverfront RV Park.  It is a beautiful park on the banks of the Columbia River.  It is located about 20 minutes north of Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area.  It has a private beach for fishing and campfires.  It is extremely quiet here and the smell of the water is intoxicating. 

However, there are a few things that make this park somewhat of a downer.  First of all, the owners are somewhat rude and truly need to take some customer service training!  They also have some very nit picky rules that are somewhat off putting.  Second, you have to give them your Good Sam discount card before you even say your name at check in or they will not give you the discount.  I asked for my discount but the owner rang up my credit card within 10 seconds of me saying my name and she denied my discount.  I reported this to the Good Sam representatives, whom we happen to know personally, and they stated that this was against Good Sam rules.  They are required to give you the discount if you ask for it and show your valid card.

Also, they water from 8 am to 11 pm every day.  The grass is constantly wet so it gets the dogs feet and yours soaked.  Also, if you sit on the grass in a chair, be very prepared to jump at a moment’s notice because the sprinklers turn on and will soak you in an instant with no warning!

This is one of only two parks in the area.  The other park is a dump and I would never stay there.  This park is beautiful and worth the hassle of the rules and rude owners.

I would love to be able to wake up to this beautiful view everyday and I love the absolute silence!

Anyway, the girls love the large grassy field to run.  They have so much room it would be really great if they would install a dog park.  As it is now, dogs are not allowed off leash so even though there is this wonderful field of green grass (which is always wet, remember), they can’t truly enjoy it. 

I love sitting here watching boats small and large go by.  Ships pass by here on their way to the Vancouver/Portland area so every kind of boat and ship cruise by.

We are going to enjoy our 3 days here.  On Thursday morning, we pack up and go to Dave and LJ’s for the 2 day install.  We will park in their lot overnight Thursday and boondock so they can finish the project on Friday.  The reason it is a two day project is because they have to take the old TV box above the dash down and cut off about an inch so that they shades can extend unimpeded, otherwise they could do it in one day.

When we get back to Seattle, I will take pictures and show you the new shades!  Can’t wait to show them off!

Until then!

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