Monday, August 31, 2015

Wifi Booster

Howdy folks!

Another cool day in Seattle today!  I LOVE Fall weather so I love the weather here this week.

The last major upgrade to our RV that I have not mentioned yet is our new WifiRanger.  We live full time at Issaquah Village RV Park east of Seattle.  This park has amazing Internet service.  They have several repeaters throughout the park and we can usually stream with no problems. 

However, there are times when the signal is weak and we needed a booster to receive signal.  Also, when we travel, most RV parks do not have great Wi-Fi coverage like we have in our current park.  We have needed a Wi-Fi booster on many different occasions.

We have also really wanted and needed a secure firewall and internal network because we are very leery of using public Wi-Fi, especially to conduct banking and online purchases.  Having an internal network also allows us to use our printer without having to connect the cable each time.

We follow of blog called Technomadia.  Chris and Cherie are fulltime RVers who specialize in technology and are app developers as well.  We contacted them and they recommended the WifiRanger to us. 

We purchased the Elite Pack FM (flat mount), which included the 13” antenna for the roof, 30 ft. of Ethernet cable and an indoor Go2 router. 

It was super easy to install.  Tex got on the roof and ran the Ethernet cable down through the dryer vent.  He adhered the antenna with the small screws provided and then caulked it really good to prevent leaks. 

Inside, we drilled a hole in the PVC pipe so we could thread the Ethernet cable through the hole.  We screwed the Go2 router to the wall next to the wall outlet where the washer/dryer is plugged in.  All we had to do then was hook up the connections.

Once installed, the setup is super simple and it walks you through setting up the router, establishing a password and connecting to the public Wi-Fi source.

All in all, it took about an hour from the time we began the installation to readily using the Internet.

We highly recommend this product.  The company is based out of Idaho and was started by a fellow RVer.  Their customer support is outstanding.  A couple of times I have needed to contact them to ask a question and they have responded back within just a few minutes.  They are extremely knowledgeable and can talk you through anything, no matter how complicated. 

So that is it for our upgrades, I think!  The final big upgrade that we will do in a few years is to add solar panels to the roof.  Having solar power, in addition to our generator and batteries, will allow us to boondock or dry camp and not be so dependent on RV parks.  

We plan to do the solar upgrade in early 2017.  We want to have AM Solar in Springfield, OR install the solar panels before we leave the PNW for our full time travels.  AM Solar is highly regarded in the RV industry.  People come from all over the U.S. to AM Solar so it would be smart to have it done while we are so close to them.

So that is it for today.  I need to get to my cross stitch projects so I will post again soon!

Until next time!

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