Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sick Fur Babies

It has been a bad week for two of our fur babies, Chloe and Elsie Mae.  It has also been a very expensive week as well.

On Wednesday, I took Chloe to the vet.  She has several sores on her belly that will just not go away and was getting new ones daily.  They will scab over, flake off and start scabbing over again.  Her skin was also very red – even her eyes.  I was putting Neosporin on the sores but it wasn’t helping them at all. 

She was really beginning to show that she felt bad so I finally decided to take her to the vet and was glad I did, just wish I had taken her a week ago!  If you know Chloe, you know she doesn’t ever show she feels bad or is in pain so it is very hard to decide when she needs to see a doctor.

Chloe, Bonnie and Elsie Mae.  Chloe is 5 and not related to Bonnie and Elsie Mae.
Bonnie and Elsie Mae are litter mates.

Turns out Chloe has a Bacterial infection.  The vet isn’t sure how it started, possibly in the stomach.  Due to Chloe also being low Thyroid, it makes her have a tougher time fighting infection.  She ended up needing a pretty strong antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory med to help with the skin irritation and redness.  The vet also gave her some pain meds to help her feel a little better.


I think she finally started to feel better on Friday afternoon.  She seems to have some of her spunk back.  Her sores are still as bad as ever though.  The vet called Friday morning to check on her and told me to keep up the anti-inflammatory meds for another few days.   She has 10 days left of her antibiotic but I feel like she will probably need another 2 weeks after that.  Her body just doesn’t respond to meds as quickly as other dogs.

Now for Elsie Mae.  Tex and I noticed on Wednesday that Elsie Mae didn’t eat her dinner.  Earlier this week, we ran out of pumpkin that we normally mix in her soft food.  About this same time, we changed the flavor and size of the hard morsels because the store was out of their normal flavor. 

Elsie Mae
Since Elsie Mae was little, we have always had to mix a Tablespoon full of pumpkin into some soft food for her evening meal or else she would get really constipated.  She is also allergic to chicken, so that limits the types of dog food that she can eat. 

Usually, we mix some canned dog food with some pumpkin and then add some hard morsels of dog food.  The other two dogs get mainly hard food.  We got some pumpkin the day after we ran out so we didn’t give it much thought.  But, when she refused to eat dinner Wednesday, we incorrectly assumed she was constipated.

Thursday, Elsie felt awful.  She would shake and shiver every once in a while and would not walk anywhere.  We had to carry her from the bed to the couch or floor and we had to carry her outside to potty.  This is all pretty normal when her tummy hurts from constipation. 

All day Thursday, I would rub her belly and try to get her to eat some pumpkin.  That usually helps resolve the problem fairly quickly.  This time though, she would not eat except a small lick or two of pumpkin.  She felt horrible all night long as well.

Friday morning arrived and she finally pottied and pooped a tiny bit.  I thought that she would start to feel better but she didn’t.  She was still shaking a lot but she was beginning to walk a little bit.  I debated taking her to the vet but something just wasn’t right, so I took her.  Again, so glad I did!

Turns out, Elsie was not constipated at all.  The vet said that she thought it might be stomach irritation that could have been due to the lack of pumpkin and food issue and then she just started hurting and refused to eat or it could be a sign of pancreatitis.  Elsie was also severely dehydrated because she hasn’t been drinking enough.

The vet took some blood work to check for signs of infection or pancreatitis.  She gave her some fluids to help with the hydration as well as a pain shot and anti-nausea shot. 

The blood work came back normal.  YEA!  Pancreatitis can’t be ruled out but it is very unlikely at this point.  The vet just thinks that Elsie doesn’t handle pain very well and that her stomach got irritated due to the pumpkin/food issue and she just quit drinking and eating in order to stop it from hurting, even though it ended up making her feel worse. 

The anti-nausea meds should have made her sleepy but instead she was just spaced out.  However, the combination pain meds, fluid and anti-nausea meds did finally do something because she did eat some food Friday night.  Hallelujah!

The vet sent me home with 3 days worth of pain meds so hopefully she will start to feel better quickly.  The vet said she should show marked improvement by tonight and if she wasn’t better by Monday morning to bring her back to the office.  So far, she is eating better but she doesn’t feel 100% yet and that worries me.  She cries when she goes down the stairs and does not want to jump.  Something in my gut tells me there is more going on but her blood work was normal, so I have no idea. 

So, at this point, we are nursing two sick puppies at the same time.  Bonnie feels great and keeps wanting to play but no one wants to play with her. 


We will just have to wait and see.

Chloe, Bonnie and Elsie Mae

Until next time!

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