Monday, August 24, 2015

Not again!!

Howdy again folks!

Another post about our crazy RV adventures this past week!

To give a bit of history, last Wednesday we had to buy two new engine starting batteries because one of ours blew up and the other one was dead.

The very next day we ordered new blinds throughout the RV, which was another big expense but what I didn’t mention in my last post was what happened when we tried to leave Dave and LJ’s after ordering the blinds.

We came out to the RV and began to close the slides back in so we could go back to the RV Park for the night and then drive back to Seattle on Friday.  I mentioned to Tex that the bedroom slide was really slow.  I got it closed and walked into the kitchen and found that the refrigerator was not on.  We both looked at the inverter and our hearts sank!  For the second day in a row, we were having battery issues, this time with the house batteries that power everything inside.

Our brand new inverter was showing a fault light and showing that our batteries were at 9.8 volts when they should be at 12.5 volts.  We immediately knew that our house batteries were dead.  They were 4 years old and it was just horrible timing and a horrible coincidence that they died the day after our starting batteries died.

We started the engine and the fridge immediately came on and we continued the few miles back to the RV Park for the night.  We were plugged into shore power so there was no hurry to buy batteries until we got back to Seattle.

On Saturday, we went and purchased 4 new Interstate deep cycle batteries and Tex was able to install them easily.  

In 2 years when we are ready to start traveling full time, we are going install solar and will purchase new AGM batteries and have them reconfigured so we can get 6 in our battery compartment instead of 4.  That will give us more power for longer period of time and will allow us not to be so dependent on RV parks when we are traveling.

So, in a span of 3 days, we had to buy 2 new starting batteries, 4 new house batteries and we purchased new blinds throughout the coach.  What a crazy, very expensive week! 

We hope we don’t have to repeat last week any time soon! 

I still have a few posts I need to do on some upgrades we have done within the past 6 months so be looking for those soon.

Until next time!

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