Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blaze a Trail!

Wow is it HOT in Seattle! I thought when we moved this far north that it would not get in the 90’s – especially a full summer of 90’s!!

Last year and now this year, Seattle has set so many heat related records I can’t keep up with them. Let’s just say it is HOT! We chose to come to the PNW because we were so tired of the hot, muggy summers in the south. Who would have thought that the temps would follow us up here!?

Anyway, even though it was hot outside, Tex and I blazed a trail Saturday and walked 5 miles. Luckily, I had recently ordered from Amazon a “Multi-cool tube” for each of us to wear when we are having fun outside in the heat. It is made of special fabric that once wet, you stretch and pop it and it will stay wet and cold for hours. I bought Tex and I both one during the recent Amazon Prime Day. We wore them around our necks and they really helped us stay cool during the heat of the day.

We also each have a Camelbak Hydration backpack. We fill it up with water and ice and it makes it really convenient to stay hydrated. It also allows us to carry sunscreen, extra meds, our IDs, money and other hiking essentials. It is actually very comfortable to wear and doesn’t make me hot to wear it either.

We set off hiking to a place called Tradition Lake. We had heard about this “lake” from several people in the RV park. I say lake because that is the formal name but it is really a large moss covered pond.

It is about 1 mile from the RV Park to the trailhead called Tradition Plateau. Along the way, we have to walk a trail that runs along I-90 and then over it to the other side of the highway. The State of Washington has amazing trails and do an amazing job decorating the pathways and maintaining the trails.

The first section of the trail up to Tradition Plateau is straight up a mountain and let me tell you, it was tough! I thought I was not going to make it. The sudden elevation change had me struggling to breathe. We finally made it to the top and landed on a large plateau. The plateau itself wasn’t very scenic but it did have some beautiful overlook areas. We could see Issaquah and Lake Sammamish in the distance.

We weren’t really sure which way to walk to the “lake”. There were trails shooting off a few directions and they didn’t have any signs. I knew that there was one trail that followed the overhead power lines that went to the lake, so we followed that trail first. It wasn’t very scenic and was very anti-climatic when we got the lake. We expected it to be much larger and we totally expected to be able to at least SEE the lake. Not so much. All we could see was an obstructed view of a little water. Definitely not what we thought it would be when we set off yesterday morning.

Along the way to the lake though, we passed several trail signs to different trails. We decided to follow a trail that said “Wetlands Trail”. It was a beautiful trail through the forest and was perfect except it had the same problem. When we got to the even smaller pond on this trail, we couldn’t see it either. Ugh!  I did get some great pics of the forest and the trail though.

We finally decided to head home and hiked back out and down the mountain. We were gone about 2 ½ hours and even though we didn’t get to see a lake, we still had a great time. There are several other trails up there so we will try those another day.

Until next time!

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