Thursday, July 30, 2015

Proud to display our National Ensign and U.S. Coast Guard flag!

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It is another scorcher in Seattle today!  It is 95 degrees today and mid 90s are predicted all this week.  Last year there were several heat records broken and we are breaking another record today.  We chose to move to Seattle because we were tired of the HOT summers in the South.  Totally did not expect to have it this hot in the North.  Thankfully, we don’t have the horrible humidity and it cools off very nicely in the evenings.

I thought I would review another upgrade we made to the RV.  This is another upgrade that was not something that made our life comfortable inside but, as a military family, we felt lost without it.  That would be a flagpole.  We are extremely patriotic and were missing our large flagpole that we have in the middle of the yard back home. 

There are several options when choosing how to display a flag.  Some RVers make a flag display out of PVC pipe and stake it in the ground in front or beside their RV.  They look really nice but we wanted a very tall flag that can be seen from very far away. 

We chose to go with a 16’ pole that attaches to our rear ladder on the back of the RV made by Flag Pole Buddy.  We bought our 16' Flag Pole Buddy Kit from Amazon because, at the time, it was cheaper than buying directly from Flag Pole Buddy.  We also bought a solar LED light from Amazon that goes on top of the pole to illuminate the flag at night.   

Flag Pole Buddy makes flagpoles that go as high as 23’ high but we didn’t want anything that tall and were concerned about the wind at that height.

Whatever height you decide to buy, the flagpole is super easy to setup.   It has two brackets that mount permanently on the ladder and then the pole just slides in to the bracket without having to climb the ladder.  It can display two 3x5 flags at one time or you can put the National Ensign at half staff by using the lower set of clips.

Installing the permanent brackets

Installing brackets and hoisting flag the first time

We have had several people in the RV park comment on how they love the flag and especially love how it looks illuminated at night.  All of these people have stated that they are going to buy one since they had seen how great it looks on our RV. 

So, if you want to display our National Ensign or any other flag for all to see, we highly recommend Flag Pole Buddy.

I want to reiterate that we do not get any money from these companies and we pay full price for our items.  We just love these products and want to share with other RVers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.  We would love to hear from you!

Until next time!

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