Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New washer/dryer combo

Hi everyone!

As I stated in my last few posts, living full time in our RV in an RV park has allowed us to get used to the lifestyle and to make changes to our RV that make it more comfortable for full time living and travel.

For the first year, I used the RV park laundromat.  While it is nice to get a bunch of laundry done in a timely fashion, it became apparent that a public laundry was just not working out.  One reason is that Tex has military uniforms and we have to wash those regularly.  I never knew who had used the machine before us and it seems like everyone likes to wash their dog beds and other really gross stuff in the machines.  I couldn't trust the machine not to ruin his very expensive uniforms.  It also was very expensive to wash and dry.  It took at least 2 cycles, sometimes 3 to get things dry.  

We finally made the decision to buy a combo washer/dryer unit.  Our RV was already plumbed for a unit.  We had been using this space to hang our coats and other general storage but we put those things in space bags and put them behind our couch.

One thing that we did have to do was cut a hole in the side of the RV.  Now, that made us both NERVOUS!! However, because Tex is so awesome, he did it correctly the first time!

Vent hole that Tex cut out

Tex stuck his arm through the hole

Washer/dryer fit in Jeep


We bought a Splendide combo washer/dryer from Camping World while it was on sale.  It does have a little learning curve.  You can't just use it like you would a regular washer or dryer in a house.  If you follow the directions and tips in the user guide, it was actually quite simple.  The key is to take the laundry out a few times to shake them and that lessons the wrinkles.  I usually hang up our clothes before they get dry and that allows the wrinkles to fall out.

I am very happy with our purchase.  It is very convenient.  I can wash early in the morning or late at night and can do it in my pajamas if I want.  I highly recommend having a washer and dryer in your RV if you plan to full time.

Until next time! 

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