Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New couch!

Hey everyone! 

I thought I would post some articles about some other upgrades we have done to our RV home so you can see what we have been up to this past year and how we have made it more comfortable to live in full time.

The first of the upgrades that I will post today was taking out the original jack-knife style couch and installing a regular style couch.
Original jack-knife sofa

The jack-knife couch would make a full size bed when you pulled it out but it was super uncomfortable – both as a couch and as a bed.

We first went to a La-Z-Boy store to look at couches.  The La-Z-Boy brand is very popular with RVers because the back of the chairs and couches come off so they are easier to get in a narrow RV door.

We couldn’t find any couch that we liked at the La-Z-Boy store so we drove down the street to Ashley Furniture.  We found the perfect couch there almost immediately!

The underneath of the original sofa

Sofa has been removed.  The seat belts are for when the RV is moving.
Who else has seat belts for their sofa?

It has dual power recliners that can stop in any position.  We lost the ability to have an extra bed but this couch still allows for someone to lie down on it and watch TV.  All the other couches we found had an arm rest or something in the center so you couldn’t lay down on it.

When we purchased the couch, they told us that the back of the couch came off so it would be easy to move into the RV.  We measured and measured and measured to make sure that it would fit.  We knew it was going to be super close but Tex felt that it would fit through the door.

When they delivered the couch, they told us that the back of the couch didn’t come off.  Our hearts sunk!  If we couldn’t get this couch in the RV, we would have to sell it because they wouldn’t take it back.  We would surely have lost money in that deal.

The delivery guys were determined to get the couch in the RV so Tex and I stepped back and let them go at it.  They took the plastic off the couch and pushed and shoved and pushed and shoved and had a very hard time but it finally made it through the door. 

It didn’t get in without damage though.  They stripped the rivets out of the RV door on a few brackets and tore a small hole the screen door.  The problem with the door brackets breaking was that it was late at night, dark and pouring down rain.  Tex had to take the whole door off in order to repair it or we couldn’t shut the door. 

Broken bracket
Damage to door
Broken door

Broken bracket

This was not an easy task, which was why we didn’t take the door off to begin with.  The brackets to the door are held in place by some special rivets that are extremely hard to take off.  We didn’t have the correct tool to remove them but somehow Tex managed to get them off.  He scrounged in his tool box and found some screws that he could use to re-install the door.

Also, let me tell you that the RV door is EXTREMELY HEAVY!  Oh my word!  It was just he and I trying to hold this door up while he took it off and put it on (in the rain, remember!).  I had to hold it just exactly right to get it to stay long enough for him to install the new screws and then to level it. 

No door!!

Re-installing door

Our NEW sofa!

I can’t say enough about how amazing Tex is!  In 29 years, I haven’t found one thing that he has not been able to do.  I call him “MacGyver”, after the lead character in the TV series because he could do anything.  Tex cooks, sews, builds and repairs cars, including their engines, he can repair or build anything.  Everything just comes naturally to him.  Most other people would not have been able to fix our broken RV door, but Tex did it and made it look easy!

I, on the other hand, am a total klutz and cannot do much of anything.  Tex’s nickname for me is “Counter-productive” because every time I try to help him or do something on my own, I create more work because I always screw it up somehow. 

Anyway, they finally got our couch in the RV and we love it!!!  It is super comfy and makes us feel much more comfortable in our home on wheels. 

Until next time!

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