Saturday, July 18, 2015

Did someone say FIRE???

Hi my friends!

I thought I would give you some more info regarding our refrigerator fiasco these past two months. 

It turned out that our Norcold fridge had a blocked cooling unit and the new cooling unit was going to cost over $2,000 to replace, including the labor.  A new Norcold fridge costs over $3,500 plus labor to install.  Luckily, we have a Good Sam Extended Warranty that covered the repairs 100%, minus our $100 deductible. 

The good thing about the extended warranty is that if we wanted to upgrade to a residential refrigerator then we could apply the money that would have been used for the repairs towards the installation costs of the new refrigerator.  All we had to do was purchase the refrigerator separately.  A new residential fridge only cost us $1,300 at Home Depot!

This was great news as it saved us several thousand dollars to upgrade to the residential refrigerator – something we have wanted to do for over a year anyway. This also allowed us to get a new inverter/charger that I mentioned in my last post with part of the labor for installation covered by the extended warranty repair coverage. 

Upgrading to a residential refrigerator is a hot topic with RVers these days as everyone is very scared of the Norcold refrigerators, and with good reason.

I mentioned in my last post about how they have been documented to cause a lot of fires in RVs.  This is mainly due to an electrical problem, which was supposedly remedied by installing a new part in the back of the unit.  However, unbeknownst to us, this was the least of our worries.

When the RV repair company took our fridge out of the RV, this is what they found!

Propane burner had almost burnt through the wood under the old fridge.

This was the wood that was under the propane/electric Norcold fridge in our RV.  The propane burner had almost burnt a hole in the wood.  WE WERE A FIRE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!

It turns out that the blocked cooling unit was a blessing in disguise because we could have caught fire at any time.  We had no idea that the wood had been burning under the fridge.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw the burnt wood.  It was so scary thinking about living in the RV and not knowing that a fire was smoldering right next to our couch!

After seeing the burnt wood, it made us feel so good that we had opted to install a residential fridge instead of just repairing the propane fridge.  Just thinking about sleeping in the RV with that propane fridge scares me!

Without further ado, I thought I would show you what our new fridge looks like.


It is more than double the space that we had before.  I always thought that we were doing ok with the fridge space but now that we have the bigger fridge, I don’t know how we lasted a full year with the old one.  It is so nice to be able to go to the grocery store and not worry about how much food I am buying because of the lack of fridge/freezer space.  Our freezer space alone is about 10 times as big!

This is a pic of my first grocery store outing after we got the new fridge installed!  I admit, I went a little crazy!

We now have ice too!!!!!!  We never had an ice maker in the old fridge so having ice is a new luxury for us!!  The fact that I can get ice and water in the door without opening the fridge is just wonderful!  We are truly spoiled!!!

If you live in your RV full time, I highly recommend installing a full size residential fridge. It is truly worth the money!

Until next time!

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