Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cramped Quarters!

Let me tell you, we had quite an adjustment to make while our motorhome was in the shop getting the new fridge installed! It was quite an adventure but I am so glad it is over!

Our full time home is a 37’ Newmar Ventana 3631 motorhome.  It has two opposing slides in the Living Room that make the area very spacious.  It also has a slide in the bedroom as well.  Due to the slides, we have approximately 400 sq ft of living space.  It is the perfect size for the two of us and our three fur babies.

BUT, during the time our home was in the shop, we borrowed a small 20’ trailer from a friend of Tex’s at work.  This little trailer did not have any slides.  It had a queen bed in the front of the trailer and right next to it was a small, two-person dinette.  Beside the dinette was a set of bunk beds.  At the back of the trailer was a bathroom so small that you couldn’t sit on the toilet and shut the door at the same time!  Across from the dinette was a tiny, dorm style fridge under the counter, a very small sink and a two-burner propane stove.  It had no bathroom sink or mirror.

Because Tex has to sleep with a CPAP and the queen bed was crammed in the front of the trailer, he ended up sleeping on the bottom bunk every night.  The top bunk was stuffed with all of our clothes and other necessities that we needed with us.

It was impossible to pass each other in the little, narrow walkway from the bathroom to the bed.  We had to open the door and walk outside in order to pass each other. 

During this time was when the PNW was experiencing record breaking high temps.  It was over 95 deg every day.  The little air conditioner in the trailer was horrible.  It only cooled when it was on the high setting.  If you took it off of high just a fraction, the compressor would turn off and it would blow warm, muggy air.  It also only had two little slits for the air to come out so if you were in the line of the air, you had it blowing pretty hard on you but otherwise you didn’t feel it. 

Because we were in our motorhome for two weeks with a broken fridge until we could get it in the shop, we had to go buy a 4 cubic foot fridge to use during this time.  We also had to use it while we were in the trailer because the trailer fridge was even smaller.  So, if we needed to eat or get anything out of the fridge, we had to walk outside to the fridge because it wouldn’t fit in the tiny trailer.

I quickly realized how spoiled we truly are.  Ducted A/C and a large fridge are such a luxury and I will never take them for granted again!

Until next time!

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