Sunday, July 20, 2014


Well, HEY everyone!!

Really sorry I haven’t posted in so long but I have several very good reasons!

After the last post in November 2013, we found out two major life altering events.  First, Megan and Aaron found out that they were expecting their first child and our first grand child!  How exciting is that! Tex and I couldn’t believe it!  We were on Cloud 9!

Second, just a week after getting the exciting news about our new grand child, Tex received orders to move to Seattle, Washington no later than July 1, 2014.  We were REALLY hoping to stay in OKC the last 3 years before his retirement, but that wasn’t meant to be. 

And add to the above, Amanda and James wedding was in May 2014 and there were lots of things to do to prepare for the big day!

So, because of those three events, life has been crazy hectic, to say the least!  There were so many plans to make and plans were changing every day.  Things were fluid and it was really hard to keep up with everything.

First, Megan and Aaron had planned to move to OKC to be close to us because they had decided they didn’t want to stay in their small Alaskan bush village of Atqasuk to raise their child.  There are no services or things to do in Atqasuk and the weather is harsh year round.  HOWEVER, once we were told we had to move to Seattle, they quickly changed their plans to move to Seattle! 

Then, Tex and I had to make plans to move to Seattle.  Since we own a home in OKC, we had to make a decision on what to do with the house and where we would live in Seattle.  And we had to make the decision fast!  We only had 5 months before we had to be in Seattle and we still had a wedding to plan and execute.

After many long discussions and lots of research, we finally made a plan.  We would keep the house in OKC and Amanda and James would rent it from us for a price they could afford.  Tex and I would live in our RV while in Seattle.  Since we plan to full time travel in our RV once he retires in 3 years, we just decided to live in the RV while in Seattle. 

This plan helps Amanda and James and also helps us.  Win/Win!  There was no way we could have sold it in time to move and this provides them a safe place to live for a price they can afford.  They can take care of the house for us and we don’t have to worry about renters destroying the house.

However, this meant we had to liquidate and move everything out of our house that Amanda and James didn’t want.  What a HUGE task!  We went through every room, every closet and every drawer.  We sold a few things and gave away most everything else.  Amanda and James kept most of the furniture, which meant they didn’t have to buy anything or spend money right after getting married.  Megan and Aaron took a few pieces of furniture and artwork for them as well. 

During this time, in April 2014, one month before the wedding and our move, Megan and Aaron moved from Alaska into our house!  It was a crazy time!  6 adults (one very pregnant!), 3 dogs and a cat!  We were trying to clean out the house at the same time Megan and Aaron brought all of their stuff into the house.  In addition, we were trying to plan and prepare for Amanda’s wedding.  It was super intense!

We finally got the house emptied and our clothes moved to the RV.  No small feat!  Amanda did most of the wedding preps herself.  I felt bad about not helping more but there was so much going on and I had to rest a lot in order not get run down.

So, in May Amanda and James were married and we moved to Seattle the following week!  It has been a crazy adventure but one I would not change for anything.  Just goes to show that military families are resilient and can do anything!

So here we are in Seattle!  Our grandson was born on July 10, 2014!  He was 2 weeks to the day late!  He just didn’t want to come out and meet us. 

Caleb Dean Qalluuraq Gunderson was 8 lbs 1 oz and was 19 ¾ in.  He is the most amazing baby.  I am a little partial, however, it is true.  He never cries and has been alert since the minute he was born.  He sleeps extremely well and is just the most calm baby I have ever seen.  He makes so many funny facial expressions it is hilarious!

So that is it for today!  A quick run down of the last year!  I am going to try to blog on a regular basis now, and will be posting more info about our past year as well.

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time!

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