Saturday, July 26, 2014

High's and Low's

Wow, I really don’t know where to start.  So much has happened in the last couple of days from some really great things to some really sad things. 

First up, a great thing! Friday, July 25 was Tex and my 28th Wedding Anniversary!  When we first started out, we had no idea where we would be in 28 years.  1 ½ years after we married, Tex joined the U.S. Coast Guard and our life has been a whirlwind of excitement moving from place to place, making new friends, raising 2 daughters and learning and adapting to military life.

Tex and I were married when I was 19 and he was 21.  Everyone told us that we would never last, that we were too young to get married, but now, most of those people are divorced and we are still going strong. We have 2 amazing daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 1 amazing grandson who is just 2 weeks old. These 28 years have been beyond belief and I am so lucky to have found my soul mate at such a young age.  In 3 years, we will embark on our retirement years. I can't wait to start the next phase of our life together!

I just mentioned our 2-week old grandson, Caleb.  He is an amazing baby, but I am a bit partial!  He just never cries though.  He didn’t even cry when he was born! He just came out and started looking around the room, literally!  He is a very calm baby and is very alert and he eats A LOT! 

Well, the bad news is that Megan, Aaron and Caleb are moving back to OKC on August 6th.  Megan has been trying to find a job here in Seattle since they got here on June 1st.  She has applied to over 100 jobs and only been on 1 interview.  There are just way too many applicants for each job opening and unless you know someone and can network, the job market is just dismal. 

Megan has had several job offers in Oklahoma though, but just didn’t want to commit to them because they wanted to be near us in Seattle so bad.  However, they just had to face the facts that it could take a very long time for her to find a job and they just don’t have the finances for that. 

So, Megan accepted a 5th grade teaching position in the Putnam City School District in OKC and my little baby grandson Caleb will be moving 2,000 miles away from Papa and Nana.  We are heartbroken but know that this is the right decision for their family.  As a matter of fact, Tex and I did the exact same thing when Megan was 7 months old.  So I know how they feel and I totally understand how my Mom felt all those years ago.  I think it was harder on my Mom though because my Dad had passed away many years before and she was alone.  Tex and I are still very busy and have many plans for our retirement years.  We will only be in Seattle for 3 more years so even if they stayed here, we will not be here forever.  At least with both daughters and their families in OKC, we can visit them at the same time and, since they are in the middle of the USA, it will be easy when we are travelling to stop in often and see them.

So, within a matter of 2 days, we had a great high with our 28th Wedding Anniversary to a very sad low that our grandson - oh and our daughter and son-in-law, are moving thousands of miles away.  We are just very thankful and lucky that we got to experience the last few months of her pregnancy and got to be there for Caleb’s birth. 

Until next time!

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  1. Sorry to hear your daughter and grandson are moving away. We know what that is like and enjoy the blessing of our motorhome to be able to visit our kids and grandkids.

    Use some of that 30 days/year leave and hit the road in your beautiful motorhome, it's worth the trip! :c)