Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Tired!

Hi everyone!

Tex and I had such a great time at the Samboree last week that we have gone to bed early every night this week!  I even slept 15 hours Sunday night and only woke up once.  I usually wake up every hour, so this should tell you something.  I have many health issues and I am always tired, but I usually don't sleep very good, so it felt kinda strange to wake up after being asleep so long.

This is a pic of how we all looked this week.  Elsie Mae is missing from the pic but you get the idea.  Even the dogs were exhausted.  They had such a great time watching all the comings and goings from the RV dash last week that they missed their daytime naps.  

I have spent this week working on wedding plans with Amanda.  Our youngest daughter is getting married next May so while she is off from teaching for Fall Break, we took the time to make some plans.  We have ordered the cake and cupcakes and have talked to a long time friend (more like family) about Bridal portraits and photography at the wedding.  Amanda even did some crafts, making signs and wreaths for decorations.

I have also been busy downloading over 1,200 pics from the Samboree and posting them on different FB pages for people to see.  I still need to send them to a few people, so if you are waiting on me, I will get them to you the first of next week!  Sorry!

Tex has been extremely busy at work, spending half days (HAHA!  12 hours) at work struggling with the Tuition Assistance Budget for the U.S. Coast Guard.  He comes home extremely tired.  He did mow the front and back yard last night, which takes a few hours because we have half an acre, but he is still exhausted.

Guess I will cut this short today, but before I go, I give you a pic of Chloe, just after a bath - which she hates!  This pretty much sums up how I felt this week.  LOL!

Til next time!

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