Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Boy am I tired!

Tex and I were at the Oklahoma Good Sam Samboree last week and had so much fun!

Tex played horseshoes (and lost to someone almost twice his age!), and we both played Sandbag Baseball.  If you have never played this game, then you are missing out!  It is loads of fun!  My team came in 4th place.  Tex's team was really bad, so they were at the bottom of the point list!

Elsie Mae, Bonnie and Chloe were entered in the Best Costume Pet Contest but sadly they didn't win.

Chloe as a pumpkin

Bonnie the Bumble Bee

Elsie Mae as a cow

Photos courtesy of John Molsbee.

They had a great time though and behaved so well!  We were really proud of them!  And all dogs got a treat bag when the parade was over.  Next year, we plan to dress them up according to the Samboree Theme.  It should be a lot of fun!

We also attended seminars about RV maintenance and enjoyed lots of entertainment!  There were all kinds of indoor and outdoor games to play.  Craft projects as well as vendors selling RV related wares.

Line dancing lessons and nightly dancing was very popular.

There was also a very moving tribute to our Nation's POW/MIA.  If you have never seen a POW/MIA Table Ceremony, please go to this link, which will explain it in detail.  http://www.vfwny.com/POWMIA/Documents/POW-MIA%20Table%20Ceremony.pdf

Pic of the Table Ceremony in process

One of the many Veterans that came to the event from the Claremore VA Home.

A member of Oklahoma Good Sam who is a WWII Veteran.  
 I was honored to attend dinner with this couple and talk to them for just a few minutes.  What an amazing man!

Pic of some of the Veterans from the Claremore VA Home.

The completed POW/MIA Table

There was nightly entertainment, such as this Country and Western singer, Cliff Shelder, who was AMAZING!

And the Big Band Era of the Kings of Music!

There were a ton of door prizes every night!  We won a $20 gift certificate to Sams Club and $10 cash from Steward Rentals in Claremore, OK.  We also won a bucket full of miscellaneous items worth of $50.  There were also 50/50 raffles as well as a beautiful quilt with the Pledge of Allegiance words sewn on.  We played Bingo on several days but we never won.

There were two large Cake Walks going on at the same time!  It was a sight to see!  Tex and I played, but we didn't win a cake.  Bummer!

There was also a time when you could sign up to sell your extra items at the Swap Meet.  We didn't buy anything but there was a lot of great stuff!

At the end of the Samboree, there were many different Awards given out.  There were awards for attendance, Best Chapter Scrapbook and Chapter of the Year.

But, Let me tell you, these folks can really put on a show.  The Costume Contest on the last night was truly amazing!  The theme was Once Upon A Time and there contest for Individuals, Couples and Chapters.

On Sunday morning, before everyone left for the year, there was Sunday Worship and Memorial Service.  At this service, they remember 28 members who have passed away in the past year.  A candle was lit for each person by their loved one or someone from their local Good Sam Chapter.

It was a great Samboree!  I will give you info about next year in an upcoming post.  If you are interested in attending and want more info, just comment and leave me your contact info.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Till next time....

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