Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bees, Bees and more Bees!

Hi friends!

On Saturday, Oct. 12th, Tex and I and the 3 pups left Mustang and headed for the Oklahoma Good Sam Samboree that is being held at Will Rogers Downs in Claremore, OK.  We thought we would have a quiet 2 hour ride but boy were we wrong!

We were only about 10 minutes away from home when all of a sudden we heard "POW POW POW"! We thought it was gun shots but we quickly realized we had driven right into a HUGE swarm of bees!!  The bees were splattered over the whole RV windshield so thick, we could hardly see!  We knew that the whole front of the RV was covered as well.  Some of the dead bees were still stuck on too!

We had to drive a few minutes to find a parking lot big enough for us to get in.  We finally found a spot and got outside to inspect the carnage.  Pictures just don't do it justice!

Thank goodness we travel with water on board!  We got out our fold-a-way bucket and our extend-a-pole brush and filled the bucket with water.  It took a while but we finally got most of the bees and honey off of the RV.  We still had about 20-30 bees swarming around us as we washed the dead ones off.  It was such a mess!

It wasn't long though before we had hit several other bugs and the windshield was filthy again.  Not unusual when traveling in such a large vehicle.  When we got to the Will Rogers Downs KOA RV Park, we got out our bucket and filled it with soap and water and really cleaned the front of the RV.  What a crazy day!

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